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Fall Playlist

By Maddie Slade ‘21

So, what songs will you play this fall? Well, it depends on your mood. Although you might not realize it, music has a big impact on your mood for the day. Think about the times when a song has made you happy, sad, or when you’re in a good mood after blasting music in the car with your best friends. If you don’t know what songs to listen to this fall, I’ve got you covered! Keep reading to see some of my favorites for the upcoming months!

So what do I play if I’m in the car with all the girls? One of my favorites that everyone always loves is Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida ft. David Guetta. This song came out in 2009 so most people might know it. It puts everyone in the car in a good mood and is an easy song to sing with the girls too, if you want!

You might be wondering, what are some chill songs that I can play if I’m

studying or in the car by myself? Lay It On Me by Vance Joy is always on my study playlist. The song is pretty chill and it keeps me in a good mood while I’m grinding through schoolwork. Another song that I love to listen to when I am by myself is With You by Seth Arlan. This song has a very soft beat. It’s a great song for when I’m driving home after a long day or not in the mood to listen to very intense music.

What are some songs that will always make me happy? One song that

makes me really happy is Back Home by Andy Grammar. This song makes me happy because it makes me think of my childhood and memories that were fun and happy. Another song that has very happy vibes is Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. Again, this is an older song that many people will probably recognize once they hear it. This song will put you in a great mood because it has very happy and upbeat vibes.

Although many of the songs I suggested are older songs, here is a list of recently released songs in 2020 that you should definitely listen to!:

I Want It All by COIN

Get Together by Louis the Child & DUCKWRTH

Nikes On by Healy

Little Mama by CeeLo Green

Found You by Ludacris & Chance the Rapper

I hope that by reading this you have found a few new songs to add to your playlist!


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