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First and Last VP

By Ava Greiner '20 and Zeladis Duncan '23

Ava Greiner:

I cannot believe it was my last Viz/Priory! VP has been my favorite Viz event for the past four years, so I was sad to see it end. The preparation and excitement leading up to VP is stressful but going to the dance and being able to hang out with your friends all night makes it all worth it. I think this year was one of my favorite VP dances yet. I found my dress early, danced the entire night, and there were no broken speakers! VP is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your friends before exams and I’ve had so much fun attending them over the past four years. I will miss VP next year!

Zeladis Duncan:

Getting to dress up, hang out with friends, and meet new people was an exciting first year VP experience. I think it gives teens a way to forget about stressful things and to let us live a little. Definitely, for us freshman, I couldn’t count the number of times I heard compliments going around throughout the night. The day after, my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing with all the nice comments on everyone’s Instagram posts. I know many of us spent a long time preparing and couldn’t wait to share our dresses. Overall, I think the VP dance of 2019 for my first year was a success! If I had to advise on how to have a good time at VP, I would suggest just going with a fun friend group and to not stress so much.


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