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Food Drive Update

By Sejal Sekhar '23

With the competition between Priory and Visitation, donating seems to be at an all-time high. The Vivettes thrive on competition and giving to others, so when you put those together, it becomes a deadly combo. After running the food drive Monday morning with other sophomore STUCO reps, it was clear that every grade wanted the winning title and special prize.

After the first week, the winning grade was the sophomores with the juniors in second place. In third was the seniors and following them were the freshman. The whole school was wondering if the seniors will back down and accept their defeat or take back the hierarchy through this competition. Well, the seniors did take back their throne by taking first place after Monday the 11th. Now, the current standings are: seniors back on top, sophomores in second place, and juniors in third.

When looking at St. Louis Area Foodbank, it is so easy to see the power of donating. Families receive items from the foodbank which allows them to depend on the St. Louis Area Foodbank: "In the past year, the St. Louis Area Foodbank distributed 43.5 million pounds of food and household products, providing over 37 million meals for our neighbors in need." Some things to take into consideration when bringing items to school is that plastic and canned items are preferred. You can also bring in juice boxes, Gatorade, or even soda as long as they are in the boxes/packages that they are sold in. Even though the contest is based on weight, families do need pasta, cereal, etc., so it is important that we do not forget to bring in items of lesser weight. Industrial sized items are not allowed, so no bringing in a 25 pound rice bag or a flour bag. There can also be no glass or paper packaged items. Check out the list down below to see what items the foodbank is in most need of. A reminder that the food drive ends Wednesday. Keep bringing in cans so we can beat Priory and provide for those in need!

What the Foodbank is in most need of:

  1. Soups, especially hearty meals like chili or stew

  2. Canned meat: chicken, tuna, ham, Vienna sausages

  3. Canned vegetables: potatoes, collard greens, beans, carrots, spinach or peas

  4. Canned fruit and individual fruit cups

  5. Spaghetti and marinara sauce

  6. Rice

  7. Instant food mixes that only require water: mashed potatoes, biscuit mixes, instant oatmeal

  8. Shelf stable milk and alternatives (rice, soy, etc.)

  9. Heat and serve macaroni & cheese

  10. Cereal

  11. Peanut butter or other nut butter

  12. Pudding (non-refrigerated)

  13. Pop Tarts

  14. Spices like cinnamon, oregano, basil, salt, pepper

  15. Chips and crackers: Cheez-Its, graham crackers, animal crackers, peanut butter or cheese crackers

  16. Bags of apples or potatoes

  17. Snack items for kids to take to school

  18. For infants: formula, infant cereal, diapers, and wipes

  19. Toiletries: toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo & conditioner

  20. Feminine hygiene products


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