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French Week

By Victoria Brown '21

French Week was a success! The decorations seen around school were created on the weekend leading up to French Week. There was the French Week banner with a big Eiffel tower, lots of French flags, and plenty of posters, created by the French students. The bright colors and creative designs made them look so professional. Personally, my favorite decorations were the locks on the theater lobby stairs. With adorable decorations on them, the student-made locks were made with so much love and care. Additionally, there were many events that took place during French Week, like the bake sale, where French Club ran out of crêpes to sell, hidden escargots that students could find for a prize, and different French foods served at lunch each day. I would like to thank so many different people at Viz: the students, the teachers, the chefs for their work during French week. They made the week amazing and memorable! Merci!


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