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Friends Reunion

By Maddie Wagner '21

I am speechless about my excitement for the recently announced Friends reunion show in May of 2020. I have been waiting for this ever since I started watching the show in 2015. After Friends was taken off Netflix this year I was semi anticipating something exciting because I could not wrap my head around why the network would pull the show when it was so popular. But of course, they made a new deal with HBO Max for the reunion. Nevertheless, I am expecting a good show. I'm not sure how this reunion is going to take place, whether it's just the cast members reminiscing or a whole new storyline, but no matter what it is, I hope they make it good. Personally, I would love to see something more than reminiscing about the old show; new content would be great. My guess is that they will incorporate how attached the rising generations are to technology compared to when the show was filmed and possibly show how a lot of the show's plot would have played out differently with the addition of iPhones and social media. I guess I need to subscribe to HBO Max to get the new Friends content. Friends is so iconic and I miss it dearly now that I can’t watch it on a regular basis. I'm already counting down for May!


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