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  • Annalise Crow

Going Back to School Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Break

I think it is safe to say that for Viz girls, or any student in general, the time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is rough when it comes to school. Finishing up units, reviewing for exams, studying for exams, the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, you’re still trying to be happy for Christmas and in the holiday spirit! We’ve all been there. Most of us are currently there. And although I can’t offer much help in this article, I can offer much sympathy. It’s hard to keep your spirits up and look on the bright side when for three weeks it seems like time moves a hundred times slower. It’s hard to focus on Christmas break when you have a million things on your mind. And it. Is. Hard. When the stress of an exam grade outweighs the excitement of having a couple weeks to relax. Make sure to check in on your friends, take care of yourself, and overall have a good plan that works for you as to how to study for exams. With all that being said, the annual Viz-Priory dance is in four short days as of this article’s posting! One other thing to look forward to that is much closer in the future! We love you vivettes, hang in there!


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