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Golf Update

By Lucy Trover '22

(Now I might be a bit biased, but) Golf is the best sport at Viz. The team this year is so incredible and such a great group of people, and a special shout out to the seniors who are truly excelling. I don’t known what I’ll do without them next year. We are having a remarkable season so far, but would be nowhere without the outstanding coach, she truly has lead the team to greater heights and I think I speak for the team in saying that we would not be who or where we are without her. As the season is trickling out, all I can say is that we need to "turn on the birdie machine" for the road to state. Also, we wouldn’t be where we are without Paul Stoecklin who sends us those weekly reminders which bring joy and not only keep us going through the week, but to help us strive to play like there’s no tomorrow.


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