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Good Night, Sleep Tite!

This past weekend, the Viz theatre girls, along with some begged, borrowed, and stolen boys, performed The Pajama Game, a classic musical which they put on with some modernized twists!

I have been a part of Viz theatre since I was in 6th grade. Getting to perform this hilarious and heartwarming show for my last Viz musical was a pleasure, and I am so happy to have gotten the cast we did. While those who are not theatre kids generally see sports as more of a team activity, and theatre as a very individual and "drama" filled activity, truly the most important part of each show is the friendships made. This was one of the closest knit casts I've ever been in, and I think that if you ask anyone else you may know in the show, they would agree. The rehearsal process was quick and a bit stressful, and while we had a messy final dress rehearsal, the show pulled together opening night to be a funny, energetic, and colorful musical full of different entertaining characters. For those who were able to come to the show, the entire cast and crew hopes you enjoyed it, and for those who didn't get the chance to, look out for One Acts and the winter play!


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