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Harry Styles Top 5

Hello Stylers! Welcome to the Official Harry Styles Top 5 Songs. And for those of you that aren't Harry Styles obsessed at the moment, maybe this is a good place to start! Without further ado, the list:

  1. "Meet Me in the Hallway"

Having a rough day and need a good cry? This is the song. Want an aimless night drive mid studying and cannot process anything upbeat? This is the song. Completely versatile. For moments where your brain cannot handle anything more intense. A solid choice.

  1. "Falling"

Need we say anything more than just how beautiful this song is? What a lovely choice as well. Play it right after Meet Me in the Hallway and see how you feel! (That is what I did while writing this article, had to take a nice 5 minute breather!)

  1. "Carolina"

Circling back to a more upbeat choice, if you don't hear this song and literally forget everything else to break it down, kindly, is something wrong? The best song to sing along with, perfect for an early morning right out of bed, start the day off right!

  1. "Fine Line"

Oh dear. This song makes me want to cry because it is so beautiful and it is a work of art.

  1. "Only Angel"

A beautiful bop. Legendary. This beautiful man created the most beautiful song. Brings me through every phase of grief and then the head banging starts. THE song to scream in your room, car, shower, anywhere where you can freely embarrass yourself. Could listen 25 times without boredom. Thank you for your time. (This was polled, however if you have a complaint feel free to email for a lovely little debate!)


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