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How to Avoid Senioritis

By Grace Elsner '20

Seniors, I know it is very difficult to not feel the senioritis creeping out now that it is January. If you have felt it since August, that’s okay too! We as seniors have worked very hard on our college applications, and it feels like it may be time to relax. Here are some tips to make sure that you can still do your best, despite fatigue and sometimes exhaustion.

1. Have a plan every night.

Even if you do not have a physical planner, you can still stay organized. Before leaving school, make sure you know exactly what work needs to get done when you leave. By visiting the Microsoft Store (search store into the bottom left corner of your computer), you can find different apps that can help you stay organized. Microsoft even has their own program called "To Do List" which can help you as well. If you like something concrete, stores like Michael's have six month/one year planners for purchase. Find what works for you and do your best to stick with it. For me personally, I also find it helpful to estimate how long each assignment will take me. If you have a plan, it will be easier to stick with it.

2. Find the space that works for you.

Where can you best study? Can you work in Jane's Place with fifteen other people in there talking? Maybe not. Try your best to find what space works for you, it will be more productive in the end. Can you do your homework on your bed or do you end up falling asleep? It may be time to go to the library or your dining room. The St. Louis Public Library off of Lindbergh is always crowded, but the Chesterfield Library is always a safe bet (off of Chesterfield Parkway).

3. Keep track of college papers, scholarships, and emails.

If you haven't made a college folder inside of your email yet, make sure you do so. It will help you keep track of confirmation emails, acceptances, as well as rejections. When it comes time to turn all of these things into the counselors, it will be much more helpful if you have it all organized.

4. Plan out long term projects.

Second semester senior year has its fair share of projects. Especially with our second and third step of our Junior Apostolic project, it's very important not to procrastinate and break it down into small pieces. It is important not to feel overwhelmed.

5. Know when to say no.

If you are too stressed out between trying to complete homework, dealing with sports schedules, and other responsibilities like clubs and jobs, know when to say no. If you feel too overwhelmed, do not try to do too many things, because in the end you will be doing these things all poorly, instead of doing one or two things very well.

I know it is difficult to stay locked in to the rest of the year, but try to make the most of it. Make sure no matter what that you stay well rested, keep healthy habits, take time to relax, but do not give up! Work hard to ensure that college will be great for you!

All the best,



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