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How to Cure Your January Blues

After the relaxing Christmas break filled with joyous festivities, January often seems like the most boring month of the year. Your days become flooded with tests, homework, or sports and it becomes diffuclt to find things to look forward to. Waking up everyday becomes more and more diffuclt. Plus, the weather becomes dry and cold and you begin to get the longing feeling of missing the summer sun on your face. Personally, I believe that January has become one of my least favorite months, but this year I am trying to discover new ways to make this month full of blues more exciting.

Trying new Foods. I know I love coming home and cooking up a warm meal that I get to enjoy, and it definitly always cures my winter sadness. I have started trying new Starbucks drinks or baking new recipes as a way to spice up my day. I have been cooking healthier dinners that I have been wanting to try for a long time. This can even be as simple as buying a new snack from the grocery store, just anything to spice up my day and make it more exciting.

Listening to different music. One of the best feelings Is when you find a new song on Spotify and are immediately hooked. I have mostly always had the same music taste (aka Taylor Swift on repeat), but this month I'm trying to listen to different country or rap artists to make my car rides more exciting. The best part is music always puts me in a better mood so you can begin listening to it more in the shower or while cleaning in order to make you feel more motivated and to increase your mood overall.

Switching up your Self Care. Lately I have been feeling less confident without my summer tan, but self care always makes me feel better in the winter. I have tried multiple new face masks and makeup products this month to change up my daily look. Also talking baths or maybe going to get a massage is a great way to destress in this tiresome month.

Any of these ways are guarenteed to add something new and differnet to your tiresome daily routine in January. By truing these new things, your overall mood will improve, and I hope these tips take your January blues away.


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