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I Am a Senior; This was my last Fall Musical

By Cate Phillips '20

Growing up at Viz, I had not participated in the theatre until 8th grade when I played the stepmother in Hansel and Gretel and from then on I tried to participate in as much theatre as I could. I branched out by participating in community theaters but I always came back to Viz because this is where my passion had begun. It’s where I learned professionalism and dedication from upperclassmen before me; this year I was one of the role models. This last fall musical was extremely significant to me; Princess Winifred has been a dream role of mine and the fact that I had the opportunity to play her in the musical was so special. Winifred is me in so many ways; I would love to be in her shoes again! Fun Fact: the bonnet I wore in Once Upon A Mattress I also wore in Hansel and Gretel, making the connection from my first Viz show to my last. Taking my final bow was incredibly sad yet rewarding because I’m closing this chapter but beginning a new one. I am taking everything that I have learned from Mr. Strohmeyer, Mr. Schweizer, and Mrs. Isom with me throughout my life; I couldn’t be more thankful for everything they have taught me. Thank you to the Viz community for being so supportive with the show; between us being on the news, the assembly, and being completely sold out, it was an incredible feeling to have the whole school behind us. To all of the underclassmen, never give up, work hard, and love what you are doing no matter what it is because your passion will take you far! Thank you, just thank you.


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