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Ingrid's Take on Racquetball

By Ingrid Azrak '21

This racquetball season has been by far my favorite. I’ve become so close with all the seniors, and I am so sad to see the season come to an end. When thinking back on these past months, I can’t help but remember all the laughs I had. The many rides from Viz to racquetball matches in Ellie Bacich’s fancy Jeep were the most entertaining. Every match day at 2:50, Emily and Lily Conley, Ellie and I would wait at door six for Sejal Sekhar, who never failed to be late—most likely because she was sleeping in some class. Ten minutes after our early out, we would rush out to Ellie’s car, leaving a stray Conley in the bathroom. When the five of us were finally in the Jeep and Bacich’s trash country music was playing, we would start the 20-minute drive to Vetta Concord, learning things we never wanted to know about each other (i.e. Sejal keeps logs…). As soon as we made it to our destination, Mrs. Hanneke would yell at us for being late—again—and we would go on to win our separate matches. Almost every single car ride went like this; it was so fun. I can’t believe Bacich will be gone next year, but she promises to come back and visit. Although I’m sad this season is ending, I’m super excited for the next.


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