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Is it too early to start Christmas Cheer?

It is a hot debate every year whether or not to start decorating and Christmas music on November 1st or wait till after Thanksgiving. Many people argue their sides and put up a fight to what they think is the right time to start the Christmas celebration. Stores are already decked out with all their trees and garlands. Many people would agree that after Thanksgiving is the time to start hanging up the tree but one Christmas queen would say otherwise. Mariah Carey thinks the Christmas Season should start on November 1st. I personally think that Thanksgiving is misunderstood and undervalued at the end of the day. A celebration where we celebrate everything we are grateful for as we watch some classic American football and feast on turkey sounds like a great day to me. It is a great day that many want to just "get passed" to focus on the Christmas cheer. I think more people would love thanksgiving if there was a song or jingle for everyone to hear.


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