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Junior Trip to DC

Over the past weekend, many of the junior class members ventured to Washington DC for their long awaited grade-wide trip. While there, we visited many important museums, such as The Museum of African-American History and Culture, as well as the Holocaust Museum. We saw many cool artifacts and monuments such as the Martin Luther King Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial; all located at the National Mall, which (to my surprise), was not actually a mall! There was great food, great company, and amazing chaperones that helped make the trip 1000% better! While walking through the streets of DC, the entire class decided to go crazy for Pokemon was truly an inspiring experience. New Poke experts such as PieFace4959 rose from the shadows and claimed Pokemon as their own! The weather was perfect the entire time we were there, and I know most of the juniors loved sitting out in the nice weather on hard concrete waiting over an hour for their lost bus. I personally was on the good bus, so I took a nice nap at the hotel while they waited, which was probably one of the best parts of the trip! Additionally, while there, the Viz girls met the Visi girls of Georgetown Visitation. At Georgetown, we got a tour of the school, and we went to an ASL mass, celebrated by a deaf Priest. At Mass we learned phrases such as "and with your spirit" and "Christ/Lord have mercy" in ASL, which was extremely cool! My favorite part of the trip, besides the interesting Museums and incredible sights, was watching my new favorite show, The Golden Bachelor. This show is unlike any other reality/bachelor show I've seen, and I 10/10 recommend!! #teamfaithandgerry In closing, the 11th Grade DC trip was unforgettable, and I am so grateful that I along with other junior girls got to go!


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