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"Just Mercy" Reflection

By Ana Alea '21

In 12 CC English, we are reading the book Just Mercy. Just Mercy follows criminal defense attorney Bryan Stevenson and covers many different cases of people who have been incarcerated and wronged by the justice system in America. This book covers the difficult topics of race, poverty, and mental health that are strikingly prevalent in today’s climate. Stevenson’s encounters put the grueling effects of institutionalized racism in America into perspective.

This book has emotionally touched me in many different ways. I think it’s very important that we are reading this book, especially in the troubling times of today. While many of these stories were difficult to read, it’s important for us to recognize the problems in our country. On a bigger scale, I think it’s really important to read modern books in English. Reading books like these opens up really good discussions about our world today and what we can do to improve it. I’ve really enjoyed the discussions we have had in English class about Just Mercy, and I’ve learned a lot both from reading the book itself and from discussing it with my classmates.


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