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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By Holly Hunt '20

Not sure what you want to do for Halloween? Here are ten costume ideas that aren't hard to make or find in your closet!

1. The Bachelorette: Sparkly dress, roses

2. Cosmic Brownie: brown dress, colorful cotton balls

3. Holy Guacamole!: halo, green shirt, angel wings

4. Cereal Killer: Plastic forks, solid color t-shirt, cereal boxes

5. Sia: two colored wig, black dress, white jacket, large bow

6. Skeleton: cut out t-shirt, cut out heart, face paint

7. Smart Cookie: cap and gown, cookie cut outs

8. Ketchup / Mustard: red/yellow dress, paper plate and paper for the hat

Spice Girls: print out of the spices, apron, hat

10. Smarty Pants: smarties, pants, book


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