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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is in 6 days and the countdown to find a costume officially begins. Whether you are planning on trick or treating, going to a party with friends, or staying in to watch a scary movie, a creative costume to wear will always put you in the Halloween Spirit. If you are unlike me who has been planning my costume for a month now, you may still be searching for the perfect outfit to wear on halloween night. Don't worry, I am here to show you a few of my favorite costumes that are easy to find last minute.

A Punny Costume If you are planning on going solo this halloween, then these pun costumes are perfect to wear. Pun costumes are a great way to show off your creativity while using costumes you may already have at home.

Holy Cow!

This costume is a play on words, and you create it using a cow and angel wings/halo. For this costume, all you need is a cow print shirt outfit and some angel accessories. You can even cut black spots out of felt and glue them onto a white tee shirt to wear. I'm sure angel wings can be easily found on amazon, or they can be borrowed from a friend! Its Raining Cats and Dogs If you are an animal lover, then this costume is perfect for you. Print out multiple pictures of cute puppies and kittens and tape them to strings attached to an umbrella, for an adorable costume. You can even wear accessories such as rain boots or a jacket to pull off this adorable costume!

Iconic Duos If you and your best friend are still struggling to find something to wear, dressing up as your favorite pair is the perfect idea for you!

Woody and Buzz The iconic friendship of Buzz and Woody from the Disney movie Toy Story is a super easy costume! One friend can dress up in a cowboy outfit with boots to look like Woody while another can rock a space themed outfit with colors purple and green to look like Buzz Lightyear!

Peanut Butter and Jelly There is nothing as fun as dressing up as the most well known duo, PB and J. This costume could be as easy as a purple and brown t-shirt, but you can get creative with it by adding a tutu or even buying a costume of your half of the sandwhich on Amazon! This easy costume will show everyone you are the perfect pair!

Triple Threats If you and your 2 friends are still searching for a costume, try dressing up as your favorite trio from a TV show or movie.

Powerpuff Girls

If you have heard of this spunky cartoon, you know the powerpuff girls are 3 best friends who love fighting crime together. For thus costume, you and your friends can each dress in Green, Pink, or Blue outfits! You can add accessories such as a pink bow for Blossom or pigtails for Bubbles!

Stranger Things

While searching for a costume, dressing as characters from the hit TV show Stranger things is perfect for any friends. My favorite trio is Dustin, Robin, and Steve and you can even recreate Steve and Robin's scoops ahoy uniforms from season 3. Dustin is usually seen wearing a baseball cap along with a silly cartoon shirt and a jean vest. I hope one of these costumes gave you an idea of what to dress up as this Halloween. If you need more outfit inspiration, I suggest searching on Pinterest for pictures of these costumes, or even visiting Party City for accessories. If none of these costumes are what you were looking for, you can always go back to the basics and dress up in the classic halloween costumes such as a ghost, witch, or pumpkin in order to still participate in the fun of dressing up on halloween night!


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