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Life with a Foreign Exchange Student

By Tillie Kileen '22

I had a lot of fun hosting Mandy and Eurus for two weeks through the Taiwanese exchange student program. It was really interesting introducing them to our culture and customs and seeing them try new things. It was so cute to see them go crazy over Viz food and even my mom’s tacos. They absolutely loved the food here. I was a bit surprised that they didn’t speak much English. Sometimes keeping conversation going was a little difficult. I would ask a question and they would look at each other and laugh and then not answer it. I think because of the language barrier, some of the classes might have been a little boring for them, but they really loved all the teachers and girls that they met at Viz. One thing they really enjoyed was going to Stage Door. Apparently, they don’t have a theater program in their school, so they also really loved going to tech theater. They also had a lot of fun going to Union Station, the City Museum, and learning how to ice skate. I think one of the cutest things was their reaction to seeing snow for the first time. They found it so pretty and fascinating. I think them being cousins and getting to stay together made their experience so much better. When I had to go to my room to study for tests or do homework, they had each other. My family had so much fun hanging out with them and learning about their traditions and family life. We still keep in touch through Facebook and they tell me they miss Viz and want to come back to America! I had the best time getting to know the two girls and teaching them all about what life is like here.


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