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Liz Isaak's Music Reccomendations

By Liz Isaak '20

Life has been crazy recently, and we all know why. All the chaos surrounding coronavirus has probably been causing some of you to feel a little down, myself included. As a high school senior, seeing all the events that I have been looking forward to since middle school being cancelled has been quite the downer. During times like these, I often turn to music to help me deal, so I thought I would share some of my favorite upbeat and fun songs that have helped cure these quarantine blues. Enjoy! 

"Mexico" by Husbands

My friend showed me this song a few weeks ago when he sent me a playlist of his favorite vibe songs. This upbeat, catchy tune reminds me of sunny days spent with friends. It has a kind of oldies feel and is reminiscent of the beach boys in my opinion. If you’re like me and love driving with your windows down, you’ll definitely want to put this one on queue because it’s perfect for that! 

"Hot Rod" by Dayglow  Dayglow is one of my favorite bands at the moment so I had to include at least one of their songs. Just like the song above, this is another great one for driving with your windows down or dancing around your bedroom at 2:30 am (because quarantine is wrecking all our sleep schedules). Upbeat, fresh, catchy, and fun. 

"A Kiss" by The Driver Era Did you know that ex Disney Channel star Ross Lynch is in a band with his brother, Rocky, called The Driver Era? Well he is, and their music is a+. I had the privilege of seeing them live last April and it was one of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to. Not only was I in one of the first rows, but I had an interaction with Ross that I’d rather not share it because it was quite embarrassing. This super upbeat and fun song will get you hooked on their music, I guarantee it. 

"Strangers" by Mt. Joy

“I am over you,” sings Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy. This not only is a beautiful song just to listen to, but it’s great to sing along to during this time. I’m over you, coronavirus! This song has some really cool folky elements in it that makes it super unique. And not to forget the piano that makes me feel like I’m driving on Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. I have no explanation for this feeling but it exists. 

"Like or Like Like" by Miniature Tigers If you like songs that make you feel like the protagonist in an artsy teen coming of age movie, this is the song for you. I feel like this gives those “boy next door” hopeless romantic vibes. If you’re really bored and looking to stir up some tea, this is a great song to send to your crush to subtly ask them out (when quarantine is over, of course) and if they get the hint, you got your answer! If not, then you can pretend it never happened, so it’s a win-win situation.

Personally, I am happiest when it’s sunny out and I’m driving my car with the windows down. All of these songs are really good for that, which I think is why I chose them and why they make me so happy. They all kind of fall under the same umbrella: upbeat, fresh, fun, and great for singing along to. I hope you all give these songs a listen if you get the chance! If you like these songs you can follow my Spotify @lizisaak for more like them (shameless promo). Stay safe and healthy! 


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