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Message From Grace Elsner

By Grace Elsner '20

My name is Grace Elsner, and I am so upset that I am writing my goodbye to the Viz community as a student. While I know I will be back as an alumni, I know that I will never have another one of Mrs. Dunn's math classes, Mrs. Shortt's Socratic seminars, or anything else the past fourteen years has given me. Viz is my home, I love it more than anything. Growing up in the Lower School was a joy, and I am grateful to have some of my greatest memories and friends form from there. My class was the ones to transition into the new Middle School (hello yellow shirts and sperrys). While that was a challenge, it was no surprise that our teachers were here for us every step of the way. That is something I will for sure miss when I go off to Creighton. In high school, compliments seemed to flood our class, due to our strong work ethic, level-headed understanding, and close-knit communication. We became involved in all kinds of clubs, activities, fine arts, and sports outside of school, and two students from our class even begun a student run business at school (shoutout Crescent Coffee). Our class has been dynamic and fun. We have always had a big personality, and as we grew and became upperclassmen, that transformed into leadership. Through all of our memories, I wouldn't trade them for anything. While I know everyone is upset about COVID-19 and the damage it has done to our school year, I can't think of a more prepared class. We dealt with conflict in sixth grade, transitioned to a whole new program in middle school, exceeded all expectations in regards to how intricate and designed a Spirit Week hallway could be, created an entirely new Just Because Day experience, and now we are living through online learning. To my class, it has been the best experience of my life. I tell people as a student ambassador that Viz has given me everything that I have. I have enjoyed every minute. All of the support that I have received is incredible. I know every student feels that way.

To all of the viewers of Vivette Times, thank you for all of your support. Our site has completely changed and we have worked hard to market our site to your needs. Whether that means the lunch menu, sports articles, comedic videos, or even the podcasts, we hope that you have found many different things that you all can enjoy. We know there are many different kinds of Viz students, and we hope that we created a little something for everyone. I have been on the team since the start back in 2017. We have tried so many different things and ideas, and I hope you have all found it worthwhile.

Thank you for everything, Viz, expect many visits.


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