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Message From Mrs. McMullen

Disclaimer: Vivette Times reached out to Mrs. McMullen and asked her to write us a little note...

Hello Vivettes, I hope you all are not just doing “OK” but are finding ways to be doing better than just “OK.” I think of all of you often and recently you are in my thoughts and prayers. I must admit I am not overly concerned with your ability to adapt to home schooling. You are intelligent, capable, and resourceful. I have total confidence in your teachers to ensure your success through their guidance and support. Because you are in high school you have the benefit of your parents having less opportunity to steer you down the wrong path by trying to help with methods that worked for them. A concern I do have is how you are managing your social life which now includes much more family time and less time with your friends? I do not pretend to comprehend the psychology involved in social distancing, but I do know how I feel. Now that I have been told to keep a distance from family and friends, I miss them more. A huge positive is that unique and random acts of kindness are bringing people together despite physical distance. Human kindness is more prevalent and there is a greater appreciation and genuine gratitude for others. When I first retired it felt like I was on an extended summer vacation. I immediately started staying up late, sleeping in and having lunch with friends. I felt a sense of freedom. It took me by surprise that I felt I was missing out. As some of you say, “FOMO!" I really did miss coming to school early on the first day to keep the seniors from falling into the path of oncoming cars during Senior Mayhem. I did not however, miss attending meetings or chaperoning the mixer at Fall Festival. On occasion when my mind would wander, I would wonder what was happening at Viz. I missed the day to day routine and the little things. A typical morning for me might begin with trying to navigate a path through the obstacle course of plaid skirts that blanketed the hall floors with the junior hallway always the place where things came to a halt. The laughter was contagious, and the endless chatter and gossip provided my morning entertainment. Believe it or not I even missed the verbal exchanges regarding appropriate behavior at dances and the ongoing debates of what an appropriate dress should look like. What I missed more than anything was just being at school. Does this sound familiar? I am sure you are experiencing many of the same feelings. What do you miss? What do you miss most? When the reality of not returning to school took effect it became more evident that each of you were about to face a future where milestones and memories would never be how you imagined. Seniors, to say it breaks my heart that you do not have the opportunity to recapture many of the special moments that make up senior year is an understatement. I cannot even comprehend the emotions and feelings of disappointment and even anger you are experiencing. You have a special spirit and bond that unites you as a class that has been evident since you were freshman. I believe in you and am confident you will find the strength and resilience to overcome the obstacles you are facing today. There is not a person in the building that does not love and respect your class for so many reasons. You are strong but gentle, kind, patient, caring and optimistic. You have been blessed with an abundance of talent and gifts, yet you remain humble and grateful. Every member of the Viz community has an opportunity to help those whose needs are greater than our own. The Viz spirit and virtues we value from St. Frances DeSales will guide us as we "Live+Jesus.” You will prevail! You are strong! You are amazing! You are not alone! My hope is God will bring us together soon.

Be Safe and God’s blessings. Mrs. McMullen


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