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  • Anna McCarthy

My Traumatic Starbucks Experience

During the second full week of school, I decided to wake up a little early so I could go to Starbucks and get a coffee. With my mobile order placed, I drove my way down clayton road until I hit the intersection at Lindbergh. I turned into the Schneithorst's parking lot and pulled into an open spot. As quickly as I could, I got out of my car to go retrieve my drink. I was in a hurry because of Viz's recently instituted demerit punishment for being tardy. I walked passed a line of cars. Everything was fine until I stepped in front of what I thought to be an empty sedan. In the blink of an eye, I was laid out on the trunk's lid. I was a bit confused as to what had just happened. I realized that I had been hit by the car. A 20-ish-year-old man scurried out of the car to check on me. After making sure I was okay, he gave me some very important advice that I will always remember: "you should really be more careful when you are walking in a parking lot. I could have really hurt you." I was so grateful that the man who forgot to check if there was a pedestrian behind him before pulling out of his parking spot was kind enough to share his wisdom with me. I ended up being late to school that day, because I took a little time to sit in my car and reflect after I picked up my drink. I was quite frazzled, but I was able to slay the rest of the day away. Not as hard as the car slayed me, though. I will never forget about this, as the demerit I received is a constant reminder of that wonderful morning. Moral of the story is the Lindbergh and Clayton sucks on all levels.


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