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Netflix vs. Disney+

Netflix by Mrs. Dunn

I enjoy watching Netflix, but I can really only watch it during the summer when I have time. Netflix lets me start a series, and then stop for several months and then pick it back up easily. I am not confined to specific days and times but can watch when it’s convenient to me. I love how I can watch Netflix on my phone, my IPad, or my computer. There are many devices that I can use to watch any Netflix show or series. Netflix has a wide variety of shows, series, and documentaries. There are things that I can watch by myself, but there are also shows that I can watch with my kids. There is something for every age group. I love how there are older shows/series as well as new ones, and shows that are specific only to Netflix. Netflix tries to appeal to all ages and has very original content material. Finally, I love how there are no commercials! While it does cost money to have Netflix, the company does keep the price reasonable all while not including commercials during the programs.

Disney+ by Zoe Shepherd '21

I recently got Disney plus and let me say it’s pretty great. It has a lot of great content for everyone on there as well because it's not just Disney. The best part of it is the old kids shows we all get to re-watch and be nostalgic about. However, some of them just aren’t as good as I remember them being. When I first got it, I went right to "The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody: On Deck" for some reason. Disney never has reruns of it, so I needed a refresher of one of the best shows of my childhood. I also have to say I re-watched the "Hannah Montana" series and "Wizards of Waverly Place" pretty quickly. Those shows do stand the test of time, they are still so good 10/10 recommend Disney plus just to watch those shows even. Some of my other favorites that I re-watched were "Lizzie McGuire" and "Good Luck Charlie". Besides those, I haven’t watched many others in the app yet. Something I would not recommend are the originals to the app. Just don’t. There is one exception to that though. "High School Musical: the Musical" is actually surprisingly good. I would highly recommend this one. Mainly because of Joshua Basset, but the story line isn’t bad itself. There are some very cringy aspects of the show, but I managed to look past them for him. Overall, if you want to relieve your childhood I 10/10 would recommend begging your parents to get a Disney plus subscription. It's worth it.


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