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New Hobbies Picked Up During Quarantine

By Olivia Ketcherside '22

It’s no surprise that we all got creative during quarantine. Whether it was tie-dye, baking, or making whipped coffee, everybody tried something new over the last few months. Different trends came and went and so did the months of quarantine. At first, everyone thought Carol Baskin killed her husband. Then came whipped coffee and tie-dye. Many people followed whatever trend they saw on Tik Tok, while others dove deeper into previously established hobbies. However, no matter what was going on everyone tried something new over quarantine.

Many of my friends participated by trying to tie-dye their clothes with bleach and doing Chloe Ting workouts. Tie-dying had varying success, while no one ever stuck with a full Chloe Ting program.

Personally, I dove into baking and cooking. It started with whipped coffee, which I messed up several times. Then I made a mess with smoothies. Then to cleaning cupcake batter up. And finally, on to perfecting coffee cake. This obsession started when I got so bored during the day that I started trying different recipes just to have something to do between classes. I quickly became obsessed with trying whatever new recipe that just popped onto my Pinterest feed. It became an outlet for the stress I was experiencing more and more. I let myself get distracted as I dove into whatever I was making to help me forget about how covid was taking away my life. And as a plus, I got to share what I made with my friends, which gave me a great excuse to see them more.

The point here is that even though our time doing online classes, while quarantining, was awful, our school found a way to pull through using all of our different interests.


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