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New York Trip: One Year Later

By Julia Joseph '21

Around this time last year, fifteen students (myself included) waited in anticipation the upcoming New York City trip. Shortly after landing in New York, we arrived in the heart of the city, Times Square. The billboard-lit streets quickly became a favorite for the group, its fake Gucci street vendors contrasting nicely with the myriad of Broadway shows marquees flashing ever-so-alluringly in the background. It was truly an experience of a lifetime for us young theatre connoisseurs.Chaperoning the trip was Mr. Strohmeyer and Mrs. Isom, our beloved drama teacher and choreographer. The pair made excellent guides as they showed us all the best attractions, landmarks, and restaurants that the Big Apple has to offer. One of the most memorable attractions was the bridge we visited in the meat packing industry. Although this may not sound like the adventure of a lifetime, it proved to be quite a fan favorite as it provided a picturesque Instagram backdrop. Another fantastic memory was the group excursion to see We Are the Tigers, an off Broadway murder-mystery about a cheer squad sleepover gone horribly awry. The story resonated with us as it told a classic tale of teenage highs and lows, albeit in the comical milieu of murder and betrayal. Additionally, we saw a show on the Great White Way itself. Half the group choose to see Dear Evan Hansen, a show examining technology’s role in warping narratives and changing the cultural landscape. The other half chose to see The Prom, a heartwarming tale of a teenager (and a motley crew of washed-up Broadway actors) fighting tooth and nail to hold an all-inclusive prom at her Indiana public school. Both of these stories were nicely complemented by the cookies we enjoyed afterward at Schmackary's, a popular Broadway-themed dessert shop.The fun, however, didn’t stop with theatre. Most of the group also visited the famous Empire State Building, seeing the city from a thrilling new angle and even witnessing a live proposal. The other half of the group took a class at Broadway Dance Center, a dance studio frequented by Broadway stars and hopeful dancers alike. This year, we all find ourselves reflecting fondly on these memories as we prepare ourselves for our upcoming spring break experiences, hoping they will be every bit as enjoyable.


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