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  • Carlee Saur

Parking Lot Victim

As many who know me are aware, parking is not my strong suit. My name is Carlee Saur and I am a victim of parking lots. My first occurrence happened on August 19, 2022. I was driving two of my teammates to the Nerinx Jamboree. I was parking, did not take my time, and crashed into the car next to me. This was a great way to begin my pregame ritual.

My second offense was on May 8, 2023. I was driving to lunch with two of my junior apostolic friends and crashed when leaving the parking lot. This was very traumatic for me. My parents came to the conclusion that my car will not be fixed until I can go without crashing in a parking lot for a year. This is a reminder for everyone to drive safely! If you see a gray Nissan Rogue with a dent in the front, make sure to stop and say hi!


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