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Planning JBD

By Kate Pittenger '20

Planning Just Because Day was something I knew I wanted to do since my freshman year. After each JBD, I would write down in my notes what went well, what didn’t, and my ideas to make it the best day ever. Around November, the STUCO execs and moderators all met to discuss a date for JBD and what we each wanted for the day. I immediately pulled out my extensive list of activities and changes I wanted to be made! We were able to work with the moderators to create such a fun and flexible day, with something for everyone. The hard part began in second semester, secretly planning and meeting to talk about the lunch menu, different artists, t-shirts, and so many other details that you don’t think about. After the date was set and we figured out how to announce JBD. I rehearsed how I would introduce it to the school every morning and night. I couldn’t contain my excitement for the surprise, but then some people began to figure out and guess the date. A little defeated, Ava, Megan, and I worked even harder to make the day extra special and the best one yet. February 13th came, and although some people had guessed it was JBD, the day couldn’t have gone better! All the moderators and execs worked so hard for several months leading up to it, and it was so amazing to see it finally happen and hear such amazing feedback. JBD will forever be one of my favorite parts of high school, and it was a great surprise for all the students!


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