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Pop Culture Dance 101

As dances and proms are slowly approaching, I thought it would be a wise idea to list off some dance moves to have in your back pocket. Dancing is a fun way to make friends at dances and really show off and impress your date. Dancing can be hard for some people so I thought as an expert myself who dances leisurely in my bathroom mirror. I can give some of the best advice to my fellow school mates! The robot: You may laugh now but once you hit the robot at the dance no one will be laughing. It is a few simple moves.

  1. Pick up your arm and lightly tap your arm.

  2. Move that arm back and forth in an easy connected motion.

  3. Now keep doing that and assert your dominance.

The Whip: A classic dance move with a classic song. It is a simple yet easy dance move to "whip" out.

  1. Lift up one of your legs to the opposite elbow.

  2. Extend your arm that your leg was on and SMACK your leg on the floor.

  3. Hold it there and make the craziest face to complete the dance move.

The Dab: Cam Newton gave us this superb dance move. It is simple and shows your dance moves in pop culture.

  1. Hold up your arm like you're about to sneeze.

  2. Cover that arm with your eyes.

  3. Hold up your opposite arm straight in the air.

  4. You can even crank your arm from the dab to really impress a special person at the dance.

The shuffle: Let's shuffle up a bit with this classic dance move. Bring this out when you are feeling frisky.

  1. Lift up your right leg first.

  2. Move it back and down while picking up the left leg.

  3. Drop the left leg and continue this motion until you are being praised on the dance floor.

Now when you are with your friends or at dances you can be ready in any situation to deliver these insane dance moves. If you happen to impress a guy at a dance with these dance moves I hope I get invited to your wedding!


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