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  • CJ Smith

Rating Golden Globe Outfits

Every year the Golden Globes have something new in store: from touching acceptance speeches to relationship confirmations. One thing we can count on are the stunning outfits, or sometimes fashion fails.

Margot Robbie rocked another pink ensemble, this time from Georgio Armani. Margot continues to advertise her movie, Barbie, with styles reminiscent of the icon. Some say two years of marketing is enough and look is getting old, but I think she just looks great in pink!


Natalie Portman showed off this diamond encrusted dress from Dior, a brand she had been an ambassador for many years now. The detail work is reminiscent of Monet, with the stippling of color. I just can't seem to take my eyes off the dress!


Karen Gillian, an actress in the Guardian's of the Galaxy franchise, debuted this Iris van Herpen outfit. While the scales seem intricate, the design seems of bit off. Are they fish scales, bird feathers, or one of those optical illusions?


Jennifer Lawrence showed up wearing a timeless Dior gown. Jennifer's hair and makeup look flawless and glamorous, leveling up her simple dress. I think Jennifer rocks more simple looks, like during the 2011 Academy Awards. Way to rock another one!


Barry Keoghan showed up to the ceremony in the this decked out look from Louis Vuitton. The color is striking and possibly likeable if the pattern wasn’t so distracting. I would have even loved the accessorizing had the suit been more toned down. Barry is 5"8 and the length of his suit jacket is not doing him any favors. The avantgarde outfits may have worked in Saltburn, but not on this red carpet.


Timothee Chalamet wore this stunning suit by the French brand Celine. The all black color really helps the sparkles catch your eye. Timmy seems to keep with his trend of forgetting his tie, but we aren't complaining!



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