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Reel It In

As summer comes to a close, and if you are looking for a new hobby to hook you in, you've come to the right place. Throughout the summer, I have found a love for fishing. Whether it's an afternoon fishing session, or watching the sunset as I hook some bass, I am always down for a good fishing session. I even had a two week fishing streak. Whether it was deep sea fishing or catching some large mouth bass by my house, fishing is a good mind clearer and study break, too. While high school can be a stressful time, there are always ways to refresh your mind. Finding your hobby and one that is good to relieve stress can be hard, but it is not impossible. If you are looking for a good fishing buddy, don't be shy to hit my line (no pun intended). I always have a rod in my car in case I find a good pond nearby. The calm environment is good for the soul, and finding a good hobby as a stressful student is a great idea. So the real question is, what hobby will hook you in? Here are few suggestions:

  • Reading

  • Listening to Music

  • Yoga

  • Working out

  • Baking

  • Drawing

  • Journaling


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