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Resturaunt Reviews Part 1

By Maggie Mooney '22


The original plan for this restaurant review was to go to Pastaria in Clayton. Apparently, even though there is a global pandemic, you need a reservation; otherwise, you will have to wait for two hours. So, after driving around for a solid 40 minutes, I got lost and stumbled upon a cute little Italian restaurant- Giovanni's Kitchen. It is located in Ladue right by Maggie Moo's. As far as the menu goes, any dish can be ordered vegetarian (they have some options that are already vegetarian) or vegan. They also have gluten-free pastas available for most of their dishes. For COVID safety, I would give it a 6/10 because there was outdoor seating with tables spread pretty far apart, but no one was wearing masks at their tables when they weren't eating. Below is my rating of each thing we ordered:

Appetizer- Nona's Meatball: SO GOOD AND DELICIOUS! The ricotta cheese is awesome, the sauce is good, and the meatball was really tender and seasoned well. 10/10

Tortellacci alla fonduta: Not that good. Sauce was too sweet, wasn’t as stuffed as I liked, there were ginormous chunks of garlic for no reason, but the filling was really good! Not worth the price. 4/10

Pizza: Pretty good! Thin crust, I liked the parmesan cheese, sauce was a little less sweet. 7/10

Torta di cioccolato: Really good but only for chocoholics, super rich but I loved it! 7/10

Limoncello torte: So good! Nice, light lemon flavor and not too sweet. 10/10


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