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Ribbon Holder Fashion

By Kaitlyn Berger '21

It is the end of the school year, and with that comes all the long-awaited events: field day, graduation, and everyone’s favorite, Maypole. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, the student body will not get to judge every wedding dress that processes down the aisle or every ribbon holder dress out on the upper field. Nonetheless, the four guests per graduate will be watching and silently critiquing the ribbon holders’ fashion decisions. Below is a guide for ribbon holders and what to wear for the approaching event.

Boxy Silhouettes

This may be surprising to some, but a boxy look is all the rage in the fashion world right now. To enhance the look, do some DIY-ing too! Whip out your paint brushes and paints to add your own flair. This will ensure that none of the other ribbon holders look the same. Example below:

Just kidding! Although last year’s ribbon holders were replaced by painted bricks due to COVID, this year ribbon holders get to attend!


Yes, the “R” is missing from this famous acronym for a reason. Our famous Maypole sports our red and white colors proudly, but that doesn’t mean ribbon holders should too. In my 6 years of watching the ceremony, I’ve discovered the unwritten rule of not matching the ribbons on the pole. Go for some pastels instead! Of course, if you have a killer red or white dress in your closet, go for it, but you may suffer the wrath of glaring eyes.


Let’s talk about straps. I’ve been a ribbon holder three years in high school (one being as a brick). Each year I received the same email with dress code rules for ribbon holders, and no spaghetti straps is one of them. We all know that the risk of breaking this rule may result in a sweater being handed to you, so I prefer to be on the safe side.


Shoes for Maypole are very important. Heels are iffy because if of the difficulty in walking on grass with them. If you wear heels, a chunky heel is a must. I personally stay away from low sandals because the grass itches my feet (weird but true), but if that works for you, flats work too.

Now that you have your Viz-appropriate dress and upper field-proof shoes, add a few accessories and you’re ready to hold that ribbon! That concludes my final fashion article for the Vivette Times. Thank you for reading my and all of the articles on the site.


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