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Ribbon Holder Fashion

As you may know, graduation is quickly approaching, and with this comes Maypole! Of course our seniors will be wearing their floor length white dresses, but those of you who have been asked to be ribbon holders may be wondering what appropriate attire entails.

  1. Pastels - with the seniors wearing white and red, try to avoid those colors. Go for a light pink, orange, blue, green, or purple (or any other spring-y color).

  2. Short dresses - obviously, the graduates are going to be wearing floor length dresses, so shorter dresses are the way to go!

  3. Florals - as Maypole will be taking place on May 19th, we are in the height of spring, which means florals! When looking for a dress, look for fun patterns and prints in pastels to really complete the look.

Here are some examples!


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