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  • Maggie Wright

Run Turkey Run

We've all heard of the barbaric tale of the Thanksgiving event called the "Turkey Trot." Families wake up at the crack of dawn, dress in multiple layers, and brace the outdoors to run 3.5 miles. It's crazy to think that one would do this, but the reality? Many do. My family and I are more of the wake up at 11:30, stay in our pajamas, and stuff our faces with food kind of people. If I was woken up before it was light outside on any given day, I would automatically assume I was being kidnapped. If you told me you woke me up to run 3 and a half miles? I would believe this was a nightmare.

I envy those people who have the ability to do anything remotely active on a day I believe to be about rest and relaxation. However, our fellow Vivettes who do partake in this Turkey Trot are true examples of the dedication and grit us Owls have. For those who will be running their feathers off this Thanksgiving, remember to be Salesian in victory, for we know that Viz will obviously be on top.


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