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Scorpio Season

By Riley Ehlermann '21 and Julia Joseph '21

Scorpio Perspective:

The time is now, the world is officially in the best time of the year: Scorpio Season. What isn't there to like about this weary and eventful moon phase where all of your late October and early November birthday friends are thriving. I know I am my most confident and fearless self during this glorious moon phase and I hope that the Scorpio in everyone feels the same. Astrology, for most, is weird. Something people do to be quirky and use as an excuse for their actions. However, astrology is also, in my opinion, an indicator of how people react and what their innate values are. I am not saying it is always right, but usually it is. I have noticed that in my friends and family they have unconsciously gravitated to the behaviors of their birthday sign, also known as your sun sign. This does not always account for the various other signs a person could fall under because a person can be different signs under different stars, but that is a very long explanation I cannot get into. Zodiac signs might be odd and seem unrealistic, but do not knock them till you have experimented with their predications. Next time you see your friend or sibling or whoever it may be, analyze them, find their zodiac sign, and see how they align. The results might just convert you from a non-believer to a daily horoscope kinda gal. Well, I hope this Scorpio season, as odd as it has already been, delivers some changes and gives insight into your life. That is what Scorpios do.

Opposing Perspective:

All my life I have heard of zodiac signs: what they are, what they aren't, and why they're the single most determining factor of one's personality. Personally, I do see the appeal of categorizing yourself and your loved ones and appreciate the validity of the ancient tradition, however Scorpio season is virtually meaningless to me as I am completely ignorant about zodiac signs. In fact, until a few minutes ago, I thought Scorpio was the cute little crab. Nevertheless, I hope all the Scorpios have wonderful birthdays and a prosperous Scorpio season. Cheers, you wonderful Scorpios!


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