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Senior Sleepover

By Grace Kalil '20

The night of the senior sleepover was filled with music, sign making, and zip line accidents. Seniors started arriving at Anna Dennison's house at 10 pm the night before the school year started. While some sat on the porch outside, others drew signs in the basement. Around 11:30 everyone moved to the basement and sat in a circle in preparation for a giant 86-person game of Never Have I Ever. Secrets were spilled while all the girls left. After the chaos of the game, some girls moved to the upstairs to play card games. Girls started to fall asleep around 2 in the morning, although some stayed up all night. Holly Hunt said that, "staying up all night was an awesome bonding experience, but I regretted it at tennis the next day." Alarms sounded at 5 a.m. so all the seniors could get ready for Morning Mayhem. Everyone drove into Viz around 6:45 with Starbucks and silly string in hand. Melody Lu commented that she "couldn't have asked for a better kickoff to [her] last year." Check out the Morning Mayhem photos on the homepage and a video on the video tab!


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