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Senior Spirit Week

By Sophia Rose '21

Finding out that event after event was canceled due to COVID-19 for the senior class of 2021 was absolutely devastating. Senior sleepover, Fall Fest, VP, etc. The list is almost endless at this point. My class and I mutually agreed that we honestly did not feel like seniors at all. It felt like we were just going through the motions without any recognition for being this year’s senior class. I couldn’t sit by and let these cancelled events bring down my class’ spirit.

I had been meeting with Mr. Colon about my class’ feelings regarding the current emotions for the unusual school year. He had been encouraging me to really think about something unique I could do to celebrate my class. I came up with Senior Spirit Week, an entire week solely devoted to celebrating and appreciating the Class of 2021. I thought about all the privileges and events that we couldn’t make happen this year, and incorporated them into an entire week. I organized a committee of helpers, and ever since January, we’ve been at work developing ideas and having them come to life.

The week was based off of our traditional spirit week, but with a few twists. Our daily themes for the week are:

  • Music Monday (dress up as your favorite artist)

  • Teacher Tuesday (dress up as your favorite teacher)

  • Hometown Wednesday (wear Blues, Cardinals, or other STL apparel)

  • Throwback Thursday (dress up in 2000s outfits or old school uniforms)

  • Future Friday (deck out in your future school’s gear or dress up as the career you want to go into)

We have lunches and desserts coming every day, since we couldn’t get our privilege to go out to lunch this year. We have games in advisories this week with prizes, special locker decorations, special guest appearances, and lots of handouts throughout the week. We’re handing out prizes for the advisory with the most attendees to the soccer game on Wednesday and the lacrosse game on Thursday. Friday morning we are having another morning mayhem, since the tradition is so fun, and my class was a little overwhelmed during the one at the beginning of the year since it was the first time we saw each other and were back on campus in six months. People are going to make posters for their new schools, and just create mayhem at the morning carpool per usual. We’re having a mini graduation on Friday during advisory, where Mrs. Gill is going to announce our future schools, majors, and superlatives. And to top the week off, were having an event called “Senior Night Lights,” where we’ll bring blankets and sit on the field with snacks while we watch the movie Pitch Perfect. Lastly, we’ll have a water balloon fight to end the night.

Administration is hoping to make Senior Spirit Week an annual tradition, and I am so proud to say that the Class of 2021 was the first to celebrate it.


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