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Seniors: Where are They Going to College?

Hi Viz Girls! We know you want to know where our seniors are going to college. We will continually update this list. All of these girls have given consent to post their university commitments.

Abby Adams, William & Mary

Ellie Bacich, Indiana University

Clara Barton, Loyola University Chicago

Elizabeth Barton, University of Vermont

Rhiannon Blattel, Webster University

Maria Choflet, University of Rhode Island

Tess Conley, Marquette University

Anna Dennison, University of Kansas

Ellie Dierberg, University of Kansas

Katie Eschbacher, University of Kansas

Caroline Fesler, Washington University

Grace Franklin, Indiana University

Katie French, University of Kansas

Caitlin Hamill, Saint Louis University

Abby Hernandez, Ballet MET (Ohio)

Grace Kalil, Loyola University of Chicago

Brynn LaMear, Miami University (Ice Skating)

Allison Lane, Miami University

Anna Malinak, Washington University

Kristen Konieczny, University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Anna Krummenacher, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Chloe Mehelic, University of Tennessee

Emily O'Connell, Miami University (Swimming)

Kate Pittenger, Tulane University

Abby Quinn, Columbia College Chicago

Jane Richart, Saint Louis University

Clarisa Rivero, Saint Louis University

Sophia Ryan, Auburn University

Grace Shaughnessy, University of Kansas

Gaby Sprich, Spring Hill College (Volleyball)

Kaitlin Stahlman, University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Anna Marie Strait, Xavier University

Jordan Tierney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Field Hockey)

Cora Vulin, University of Notre Dame

Julia Warren, Pennsylvania State University

Caroline Williams, Boston College

Tori Woolbright, Indiana University

Abby Woolverton, Centre College (Volleyball)

Becca Zaber, Arkansas State University (Volleyball)

Anna Zarrilli, Purdue University

So when will the rest of the seniors know? Don't worry, we will keep you updated on all things college, but keep in mind applicants do not need to decide where they will attend until May 1st.