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Small Business Highlight

By Bella Leonard '21 and Anna Cichelero '21

The Vault

The Vault is a women’s luxury resale shop located at 2325 S Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, MO 63144. The best part about The Vault to me is that all items sold in the store are second hand. The Vault is considered a luxury resale store which means clothes are given to them by clients, they keep the clothes they want to sell, then offer a price to the client, and put the clothes they purchased on the floor.

My personal favorite pieces found at the Vault are two pairs of Revice jeans (the iconic ones with the stars on the backside) and an honorable mention goes out to the $50 Prada heels in my size that I would have gotten had I brought my wallet with me (I have nightmares about abandoning those shoes to this day).

The customer service is amazing, the three co-owners are truly resale royalty, and the best part about this dream trio is they are mother and daughters!

This store sells everything from Lululemon to Versace and you’ll for sure walk out of there feeling like a queen. I always feel so welcomed and hyped up whenever I go in. If you are in the mood to switch up your look, sell some iconic designer pieces, and help keep fashion waste at a low...this is the perfect store for you!

C. Oliver Coffee and Flower Bar

C. Oliver Coffee and Flower Bar is one of the cutest coffee shops I've ever been to! Located at 7401 Hazel Ave, Maplewood, MO 63143, the shop has amazing coffee and a super cute aesthetic. I personally went for the first time this summer and was obsessed!

The coffee itself is delicious and they even have some lattes with pink powder on top to go with the coffee shop's flowery interior. The menu isn't very big so it's not too overwhelming. C. Oliver only serves oat milk and whole milk in their coffee, which will give you a great reason to try oat milk if you've never had it before! Along with coffee, they have matcha, hot cocoa, chai tea, and mochas.

Onto the heavily photographed décor at C. Oliver: the highlight of the décor is definitely the flower wall. Tons of people dress cute with hopes of getting the perfect shot in front of the pink flower wall. With white marble tables, dark green velvet couches, and flower vases scattered around the coffee shop, the rest of the interior is equally as gorgeous.

Make sure to check out this small business if you're in need of some caffeine and flowers. It's well worth it!


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