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Snow Day Ritual!

By Bella Leonard '21

It's that time of year ladies, temperatures drop and rain becomes snow. This can only mean one thing: snow day. Many old fashioned people think sleeping with your pajamas inside out and flushing an ice cube down the toilet will be sufficient enough, however Viz students know the supreme ritual in order to achieve peak probability of a snow day. To begin, you must go straight to twitter and tweet at Mr. Colon's old Harvard classmate, Barack Obama, and the Pope just to make sure. Then you have to sit patiently with your phone open to your class GroupMe anticipating the first person to text "we have off." If all else fails, peer pressure your STUCO friends into showing the administration screenshots of your class begging for a snow day in the GroupMe. Eventually, if you have done all of this, a snow day is 90% guaranteed. Good luck!


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