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  • Anna Huber

Spirit Week Inspo

Spirit Week is quickly approaching which means time to start planning the best and craziest outfits. Everyone must go all out this year because dressing up and showing support for Viz is so fun! I'm here to give you some Inspo for costumes/ outfits this year. The theme is Viz in the spotlight and there are so many options to dress up as, but I will give you a couple


  1. The first day of Spirit week is Movie Monday. There are so many options to choose from. I would try and think of your favorite movie, then try to recreate your favorite character and maybe have a friend join you. I think you could dress up as any Disney movies like any princess. I also think funny movies such as the Three Stooges, Clueless, or even Legally Blonde. Any movie you like can be recreated to look amazing!

2. The second day of Spirit Week is Touchdown Tuesday. In my opinion, you can either dress up as a player from your favorite sports team or just wear team merch. Some popular players to dress up as right now are Travis Kelce, Messi, Lebron James, and Serena Williams.

3. The third day of Spirit Week is Watch Party Wednesday. Dress up as your favorite characters from your favorite reality shows or TV shows. Some examples for group costumes are the Kardashians and Dance Moms. You could also dress up as your favorite TV show growing up like Jessie or Liv and Maddie. The possibilities are endless with this day.

4. The fourth day of Spirit week is Red Carpet Thursday. Dress up as your favorite celebrity or a celebrity that may look like you. Some ideas are Dwane Johnson, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber. This would also be a great duo costume that you could do with a friend.

I hope you find my Spirit Week Inspo helpful and hope you got some good ideas for next week!


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