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Spring Break Fashion

Spring break is in 4 days! Yay! Now comes the stressful part-- packing (and the last week of school before spring break when teachers decide it's time to catch up on all the things we've somehow ended up behind on!) In order to ease your mind during these stressful times, here are five easy pieces to include in your suitcase when packing!

1. Bold, colorful patterns - the 70's are back with vengeance people! Think bright pinks, oranges, blues, swirls, hearts, florals, and more! These could be found on dresses, swimsuits, skirts, coverups, and more… here's some examples for your packing purposes

2. Flowy dresses - think Mamma Mia, think ghosts, short flowy dresses are in!

3. White jeans - an always staple. Try a flare leg white jean with a cute crop top… maybe a fun pop of color like a yellow or green

4. Button downs - instead of opting for a regular coverup, try a button down! They are super fashionable while also looking casual and you can pair with shorts easily for a walking around outfit!!

5. Bandanas - bandanas for shirts, bandanas for hair, bandanas everywhere! Bandana prints are all the rage- try accessorizing with one (and keeping your hair back) this spring break.


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