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  • Anna Huber

Spring Break Necessities

As Spring Break quickly approaches many Vivettes are wondering what items they cannot afford to forget on their travels. What items are a must and what items are simply just not as important. Here is our list of spring break necessities 2024!


  • First off, whether you are going on a beach or snow vacation, make sure to bring one extra outfit. You may spill and stain an outfit so you need to wear a different one or you may just need an extra outfit for something. This is definitely a necessity.

  • Another essential that could be for any type of vacation is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are items that people tend to forget but they are definitely essential for any vacation.

  • Chargers are for sure a must bring item for any trip. Make sure to bring your phone charger, air pod charger, or even computer charger. It can be easy to forget because you have to pack these last minute, but they are truly an essential.

  • There are many toiletry products that are essential for a trip. First off, make sure to bring a hairbrush, hair ties, a razor, feminine products, and deodorant, toothpaste.

  • Another must need essentials are skin care products like moisturizers, Chapstick, and DON'T FORGET SUNSCREEN.

  • Finally, the last thing I recommend you bring is accessories and small items like underwear, socks, jewelry, hats, slippers, or a purse or wallet if you want to pack that. Accessories are important for Spring Break and are must brings.


Hope this helps with any packing worries you may have! Make a ton of memories but remember to stay safe!


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