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Staycation in STL

While everyone heads out to their beautiful destinations, I get to stay in beautiful STL. Yeah, I know. We have the Arch, and… the Arch. Well, I am clearly not bitter as you can see. So let's think about ways to turn STL into the best Spring Break destination. So obviously, stop by the Arch. The next thing to do is spring cleaning. Now I know you may be thinking how is this fun. Just think about how good you feel when you get to lay back in your perfectly clean room. The next stop is the world famous Loop. This is the closest you will get to feeling like you are no longer in St. Louis. We all believe we know the destinations in St. Louis through and through but this could not be farther from the truth. There are some underground beauties that we have here in St. Louis. The Zoo is one of the coolest things that we have. You can go from seeing a penguin to seeing a giraffe in one day, FOR FREE. The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the oldest and most prestigious botanical gardens in St. Louis. Remember Grant's Farm, the farm of our childhood, well give it a chance. If you are sick of the Zoo, I don't know how you could be but if you are, go to Grant's farm. Quick little story to convince you that Grant's Farm can leave you with memories to last a lifetime is once when I was little, I went to Grant's Farm for Halloween. I was wearing a cute little witch costume and had frizz on the bottom of my costume. I decided to head into the goat exhibit to feed the goats, but they had other ideas. They thought the yellow frizz on the bottom of my costume was hay. So rather than drinking the milk I bought them, they were eating my costume. So fast forward to me crying while the goats chewed my costume, I realized the line to leave the goat exhibit was long. I start to cry even more and the children, that are younger than me, in line let me go in front of them to get out. Looking back at that not so proud moment, I want to shoutout those kids who let me leave that exhibit. Anyways, moral of the story is Grant's Farm will give you a blast from the past. Next, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis can be a good place to look at stained glass to staying holier than thou during the break and view the mosaic ceiling. Still not excited to stay in St. Louis, well let me give you more ideas!

  1. City Museum

  2. Forest Park

  3. Busch Stadium

  4. St. Louis Art Museum

  5. St. Louis Science Center

  6. Lone Elk Park

  7. The Magic House (and you can climb up and down the beanstalk)

  8. The World's Largest AMOCO sign

So, you may think there is not much to do in St. Louis but that is not true. We, believe it or not, live in an amazing city and can turn this Staycation into a blast.


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