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Staying in Shape

By Julia Bader '20

With all this free time on my hands, I have come up with a lot of new ways to stay active. Gotta keep that track bod. This spring I was supposed to do track and lacrosse so I get double the fun sent to me each day. Stick work, endurance, sprints, and strength it’s a lot. I usually start with my lacrosse stick workout. Since I don’t have a net and my parents cannot catch the ball, I use the wall behind my house. I alternate hands and I try and fail to do the cool moves I see on YouTube. Then I go for a run and each day and I alternate between endurance and sprint workouts. Lastly, if I’m feeling up to it, I do my ten minute ab workout. That stuff is not always the most fun so I’ve come up with other ways to have fun and stay active. I’m teaching myself how to skateboard. I have had many falls and I have the scars to prove it, but it is so much fun once you get the hang of it. I’m working on my Ollie now but I don’t quite have the confidence to go all the way yet. I also go for a lot of walks and bike rides cautiously avoiding people to keep my 6 foot distance. I also get a lot of weird glances because I jam out to my 80s rock playlist without headphones because they don’t stay in my ears. "Highway to Hell", "I Love Rock and Roll", and "9 to 5" are some of my favorites. Physical exercise is great but you also need to exercise the mind, too. Other than just staring at the computer all day. I love puzzles so I’m working on mastering the Rubik’s cube. I can solve it in about a three and a half minutes, but I think it would be a cool party trick if I could solve it in under a minute. I have also taken up ventriloquism and I’m working hard to become the next Darci Lynne. If you’re bored learn how to hypnotize someone, how to moon walk, or a new magic trick. The randomest things really help pass the time and once quarantine is over you have something cool to show your friends.


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