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  • Paige Trautman

Summer Job Ideas

It's March, AKA time to find a summer job. Jobs are great if you can drive, where you make new friends, find something to do, and not to mention the extra money you will be earning! If you are looking for a job, it's time to get on it! Here are some ideas:

  • Lifeguard/swim coach - If you are looking for an outdoors job where you can get a nice tan, lifeguarding is for you! You also get trained in CPR and other lifesaving skills. Swim coaching or teaching lessons is also a great option if you have a swimming background.

Age requirement: 15 or 16 depending on pool

  • Nanny/Babysitter - If you are patient and like kids, nannying is for you! As a nanny you will most likely be on a set schedule with the family you work with. For the most part, nannying pays better (and tax free!) than a traditional job.

Age requirement: none, but many parents want someone who can drive

  • Golf caddy - If you are friendly, like to talk to people, and don't mind walking, caddying is for you! There are many caddying opportunities at golf and country clubs. This job entails carrying a golfer's bag around the course as they play. In addition to an hourly salary, the tips (again, tax free!) are one of the biggest perks of this job!

Age requirement: 15 or 16 depending on golf course

  • Country Club Staff - If you like to be outside, don't mind the heat, and don't want to work by the water, country club jobs are for you! There are many country clubs around STL, and many of them pay well. There are tons of jobs for high schoolers including waiters, coaching sports such as swimming or tennis, babysitting services, gym attendants, etc. As someone who has worked as a lifeguard at a country club for 4 years, I highly recommend!

Age requirement: 15 or 16 but depends on club

  • Camp counselor - If you are friendly, welcoming, and like kids, being a camp counselor is the job for you! There are a ton of camps around St. Louis that are in need of counselors, especially the YMCA or similar places. Most of these camps are only a week or two and only in the morning, so you would have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your summer!

Age requirement: average is 16 but depends on the program

Have a safe, fun, and productive summer, Vivettes!


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