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Sustainable Skincare

By Emma Masetti '22

Most people have a daily skincare routine, but do they think about the effects their products have on the environment? Without you knowing, your skincare products could involve animal cruelty or come in packaging that damages the environment. Making the change to sustainable skincare options is actually easier than you think. Some brands offer refillable and biodegradable cartridges for things such as deodorant, and doing this once alone can reduce your carbon footprint. Even switching to glass packaging can make a bigger change than you think. Despite this, going sustainable in your skincare does not necessarily mean ditching all your products or making your own toothpaste, but if everyone made little changes, the environment would benefit greatly. There are many brands that focus on cruelty free and ethical sourcing for their products. This not only benefits the environment but also your skin because sustainable skincare often also includes natural ingredients. Ethical brands are transparent with materials and this clarity can help ensure that you are using only the best ingredients on your face without any harmful chemicals. The attached google document has many brands, their products, and the measures they take to ensure sustainability. If the change to a more sustainable skincare routine is so easy, why shouldn’t we all try to make the switch and reduce our effect on the environment?


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