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Teacher Divergent Factions

By Sejal Sekhar '23

Divergent, a popular book and film, is known for its factions. There are 5 factions, Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite. Each of these factions have a different obligation and the purpose of these factions is to keep peace within their society. Abnegations are the selfless, Amity are the peaceful, Candor are the honest, Dauntless are the brave, and Erudite are the intelligent. Once members of the society reach a certain age, they are told to take a test that should determine their faction. However, if a person fits into all of these factions, they are divergent. Since we do not have a faction test at Viz, I decided to sort out our teachers into factions. Look down below to learn more and find out which teacher fits each category.


  • Traits: This faction values helping others and puts people before themselves. They help the factionless by giving them food and clothing. On top of this, they are taught not to be too selfish.

  • Teachers:

    • Mrs. Enger: She will always help you out whenever you need, and you can count on her for a good conversation. You always leave her room feeling like a better person.

    • Mrs. Hebron: Always someone that you will find in the halls to collect the attendance, and it is not an easy job to run around the school like that. She is always putting the students before herself.


  • Traits: This faction keeps peace and harmony among everyone. They are known as happy people who also help serve, but unlike Abnegation, they do not put others needs before their own quite as intensely. This means that they serve themselves but also everyone whereas Abnegation often neglects to feed themselves before others.

  • Teachers:

    • Mrs. Hadlow: She can always bring a smile to your face and has the most calming presence.

    • Ms. Hartenbach: She has such a peaceful essence about her and does a good job at calming your nerves.

    • Mr. Chiodini: He is the best person to talk to when you are feeling stressed and always looks out for everyone. Mr. Chiodini is involved in each students life and shows his passion through teaching. I never leave that class without a smile on my face.


  • Traits: People within this faction are known for putting honesty first. They are a trustworthy faction that is not afraid to say what is on their mind, even when it is painful to hear.

  • Teachers:

    • Mr. Cogan: He always tells you the truth and you know that he is trustworthy.

    • Mrs. Wilson: Definitely someone who is trustworthy and will always give you good feedback on your paper. She makes you want to be a better writer.


  • Traits: People in this faction are the soldiers. They are known for being brave, fearless, and courageous. They are also known as the more rebellious faction.

  • Teachers:

    • Mrs. Hanock: 100% someone that you can always find working out. I cannot think of someone better for Dauntless than our very own P.E. teacher. She is brave, fearless, and I know she can protect us all.


  • Traits: Are known for their eloquent speeches, being vain, extremely intelligent, and search for learning more.

  • Teachers:

    • Mr. McKeever: He is someone that you want when playing jeopardy, he also speaks very well and has the most extensive knowledge of anyone in the Visitation building.

    • Mrs. Dunn: She is so dedicated to teaching and has so much knowledge about math. She also knows how to help you on your math homework whenever you need it.


  • Traits: These people can fit into any faction and are considered rare. They have many skills and are considered too powerful to be contained in the story.

  • Teachers:

    • Sra. Villmer: I cannot think of anyone better to be a Divergent, not only does Sra. Villmer put her students before herself, she is an athlete , and has so knowledge about the ongoing events in the world.


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