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Tech Tips From TikTok

By Mrs. Andrews

I am a total TikTok enthusiast. It can become a deep, dark hole and an enormous time hog. Rather than specific videos with tech tips, I would like to recommend people to follow. Many of their tips are timesavers! Take a look and watch some great, useful TikToks.

@mattedtech: His early videos are of family, but his more recent videos are more helpful. He is a good follow for Google tricks.

@mtholfsen: He shares tips daily, often for Microsoft, which I find particularly useful. They can be random, but you will like this guy. I have already made some of the changes that he recommends in Outlook. For instance, you can make a specific sender’s email a different color and size, so it stands out in your inbox. Waiting for a college acceptance email? Good trick to know!

@setupspawn: His tips are more program specific. He addresses that question “is Google spying on me?” and other similar questions. My specific favorites of his are his internet shortcuts!

@ditchthattextbook: These TikToks are for teachers, but you will find some great thoughts. For example, look for his tip on finding “must have templates” for teachers and students. If you are looking for something clever or creative for your next project, check out that content.

@digitalresources4teacher: She has the quickest tips of anyone. Her “Teams” tips are great!

@heyashleyg: She is a digital artist. Take a look at her Google themes and then think about careers as a digital artist. Don’t be turned off because she is addressing teachers. If a teacher can use it, a student can use it. Get creative! Check her out. She is a Chrome extension enthusiast. If you love your Chrome extensions, you’ll enjoy her content.


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